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Strict liability and product liability

Strict liability refers to persons who caused some sort of injuries or damages but didn’t have negligently of faulty act. Strict liability has three types: animal bites, manufacturing of defective products and activities that are extremely dangerous.

Strict liability related to product liability

In most states in U.S. strict liability cases are imposed. The person to whom some damage is done can have the right to sue manufacturing company for faulty product and he doesn’t have to prove that manufacturer failed to produce the product with care or he was acting reckless. A plaintiff can seek compensation even when manufacturer had all appropriate care when preparing the product.

If a person sues the company under the theory that product was a defect, he will have to prove that product is actual faulty.

Strict liability and animal bites
In some states strict liability can be connected with animal bites or with their attacks. In this cases the plaintiff refers to logical thinking of the animal and since the animal doesn’t possess that, he will refer to the owner whose duty was to restrain the animal and to avoid this unpleasant situation. The states make difference between wild and domestic animal. Regarding the domestic animals, the owner will be strictly reliable if the keeps it as a pet and knows about his violent nature. Is some states, the owner can be strictly reliable even if his pet trespasses on someone’s else property. Considering the wild animals, the owner will be strictly reliable even if the wild animal doesn’t pose immediate threat.

Strict liability and dangerous activities
Person who conducts some dangerous situation will be strictly reliable, because in most of the situation the result will be injury of another person. For some type of situations, the person will be strictly reliable even if he doesn’t perform those kind of situation, for example: it is not common that person stores an explosive in his apartment or in his house.
Those kind of situations are considered to have high risk and impose a threat towards security of other persons. Car accident lawyer west palm beach  handle all types of personal injury lawsuits

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